Kathy Sanders’ songs speak to the heart. They speak of love and loss, of hope, redemption, and the human condition. They are a window into her soul, for she knows that the truer she is to her own feelings, the truer she is able to speak to others.

“I try to go deep inside myself … to that place we all have in common … that place where we all live.”

Kathy has had a life-long love affair with music. As a young girl, she found that music offered her a way to more fully express her innermost thoughts and feelings.

“I write songs because I have things to say that can’t really be said with words alone.”

Early on, Kathy discovered that people loved to hear her sing. So, through her teens and into her early twenties, Kathy sang, and was the featured artist at restaurants and cafes throughout the LA area.

Following those many years of performing, Kathy decided to take time away from her music to pursue a career as a clinical social worker and therapist, and to raise her daughter. Along the way, she also earned a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from UCLA.

Now, after years away, Kathy has come full circle, and is back to writing, singing, and bringing us a view of the world as she sees it.

“I feel my life experience has given me a unique perspective into people and life that I want to share. I want to touch people on a deep level. Maybe if I share who I am, they may see more of who they are.”

With her guitar, her beautiful voice, and her songs, Kathy Sanders is on a mission to bring a little more light into the world.


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